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Northridge Limo Service is a limo service provided by La Limo Rental, which is sure to catch the attention of people. We provide excellent quality Limo Service to the people which include a 24x7 customer care service.

 Our limousines and party buses are of various capacities, varying from 4 to 45 passengers.

There are some pirate limo services who claim they provide excellent services. They do provide limousine services, but they don’t have proper license, which may land the customers in trouble in future, so one must be very careful while choosing a limo service.

But our Northridge Limo Service is undoubtedly one of the genuine limo service and party bus providers in the world, which is well furnished with the best experienced and trained drivers, proper permits and insurances. We also provide the service at the lowest possible cost. Our Public Utilities license is 15264-B.

limousine and party bus  rental service in Northride,CA 91324,91325,91326

Our most user friendly website provides useful suggestions to the customers to make the best choice. Everything is so simple and even a small child can learn it easily. Selecting the desired category, filling the details asked in the online form and making the payment are the three simplest and easiest steps. Once the vehicle is registered, everything is over. The vehicle will be ready at the time specified by the customer, at the place indicated by him. Thus we do our best to make any event, be it a birthday party or a wedding day, a prom night party or any other party a memorable event for the customer.

It is natural that anybody doing a business wants himself to be placed on top of the world. The same is true in case of our Northridge Limo Services also. We use several tricks to attract the customers, but they are not invented with the intention of cheating the customers. Providing different sized cars with different seat capacity and luxury arrangements is the best way of fascinating the customers. Keeping the rates of the services as low as possible is yet another way.

If you are looking for limo service in Northridge,we are the company you can trust


We are always train and educate our members about its service policies. The highly professional staff members are the most important assets of our Northridge Limo Service. In order to ensure a continuous and non- stop development of the organization, we offer transport operators, suppliers, manufacturers and many other category of staff members. Our Limo Service provides high value to integrity, performance, dedication and professionalism in Northridge area with following zip codes - 91324, 91325, 91326. We expect such qualities form all of the staff members, because the entire business depends on such a wide customer base. Thus by providing great service to the customers, our Northridge Limo Service has hit the market all over the world with grand success.